First Listen Review: Tall Tales & The Silver Lining – “Tightropes”


What I Like: This band has elements in them where they have one-upped The War on Drugs. While that band became hugely popular last year from granted a great, but slightly overrated album, this band has taken the sound, made it a bit more poppier and not as much repetition in the instrumentation. On the final songs of the album I can almost hear some country/folk elements similar to the recent Father John Misty album mixed in with this sound. “Waves” is a beautiful closing piano song, something rarely chosen on albums these days. On “Something to Believe In” and “Both Alive” I can hear a slight bit of The Shins.
What Could Be Improved: Maybe the instrumentation isn’t as repetitive as The War on Drugs, but in some sense that is a downside to the band. It has lost the War on Drugs complete atmosphere to some extent. Still, the vocals sound more like a Kurt Vile and neither band can pull off his ambience.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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