First Listen Review: MisterWives – “Our Own House”


What I Like: This band is a clear child of Abba’s legacy. A big band feel with disco elements and a woman singer. Horns make the band sound similar to the indie character of The Zutons and the chirpy upbeatness sounds similar to Alphabeat. it’s nice for dance indie to still find itself a niche. I particularly like “Not Your Way” for its excellent lyrics on how women should not be simply dolls done up for their husbands so that they can be paraded around with no knowledge of their thoughts or pursuits. Often the vocals sound like an Ellie Goulding.

What Could Be Improved: Like Alphabeat before them, this album falls into territory where every song sound far too similar. They fail to have catchy choruses that grip and distinguish songs from one another like Abba. Often the use of horns and the singer’s voice sound amateur like The Zutons often did. Sometimes the songs are a bit quick to the extent of techno speed for the pop sound they are going for. To some extent, the sound of this album feels like it should have come out 7 years ago and doesn’t have too much movement with modern indie dance.

Would I Listen Again: To “Not Your Way”, but not the rest of the album.


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