First Listen Review: Public Service Broadcasting – “The Race For Space”


What I Liked: For a first listen, this album hits you emotionally and hard. There’s an odd thing about great achievements in mankind’s history like the invention of the plane, the internet, or photographyThese things have become so part of our everyday lives or so wrapped up in the fast pace of modern life that no one has time to stop and understand, let alone feel, the genius and beauty of what they actually mean for mankind’s existence. This album, however, with the use of government clippings from 1950-1970 space exploration, makes man’s early adventures to the moon and space clearly understandable. Words between homebase NASA and the astronauts themselves tuned to building post-rock create suspense, stop start indie narrate the life of an astronaut before he goes away as if to explain the bustling of mis-20th century life over radio and early tv, atmospheric beauty emphasizes the pure brilliance in the success the first landing on the moon really means for humanity. It stretches back in time to make the listener wonder whether humans felt like this the first time a boat was built to travel the Mediterranean or whether Europeans felt this way when they first discovered America or traveled the world. This is the most ambitious and creative British rock piece in recent years.
What Could Be Improved: Maybe more storyline throughout? Maybe more chorus backing for effect? Maybe a movie to go along with the album? These guys should be making soundtracks for black and white films.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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