First Listen Review: Spectres: “Dying”

What I Like: This band sounds like a more refined Japandroids in some ways. There are elements of punk, thrash, ambient, noise rock, and maybe a little metal. The vocals sound drowned in a haze of static but they are calm and soothing as much as they seem eerie and otherworldly. This is an album that grows on you as you listen. On songs like “SInk’ and “The Sky Of All Places” the guitars have a nice haunted melody about them.

What Could Be Improved: I’d like to see more from the drumming. I think some parts of the songs should get louder or add some unexpected screams. The songs sound like they are wanting to do it, but they never do. Perhaps that is good though, sort of a controlled and contained meltdown.

Would i Listen Again: Yes

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