First Listen Review: Echodrone – “Five”


What I Like: This band feels like something between a Mood Rings and Slowdive. A lot of the shoegaze revival the past few years has incorporated the indie/punk speed that came in the music era directly proceeding this one in 2004-2010. This album goes back to the roots of the genre with a slower and louder sound. Often this, especially with the vocals, sounds a little like earlier Smashing Pumpkins. The sound is extraordinary. This is definitely on “When Two Ends Meet” when a quiet interlude is suddenly interrupted by a loud and powerful storm of sound. I also admire this band for taking the genre to new levels with a little addition of electronic keyboards. They aren’t too much, but certainly create a mood reminding me of something desolate like the planet Mustafar. I also like how these songs are mostly over 5 minutes, really allowing the atmosphere of the guitars to grab the listener.

What Could Be Improved: Not too much at the moment! They have mastered a sound and peaked it.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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