First Listen Review: Future User – “#SteroidsOrHeroin”


What I Like: This is an ambitious record. It tries to incorporate electronic and early 2000s hard rock music. It does better than Lil Wayne when he tried to combine rap and rock for sure. This is especially so on the first two tracks of the album. There’s a little house and a little light dubstep. They make for a strange but fresh sound for psy-rock. This also is a return of musicians coming together: Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and Fuzztones. All of which come from an era having lost its relevance, but in snippets of this album finding themselves reinvigorated in some interesting ways to show they are more than their known genres.

What Could Be Improved: The second half of the album moves away from the new sound the earlier songs have. It falls back into classic Audioslave sound, meaning hard rock that has been too refined so that it has lost its dirtiness. The electronics take a minimal viewpoint and just become needless additions. Also, at times the lyrics add fuck in stupid places that just make them seeming to be cool with no actual purpose for why it has to be there. Often this is just the lyrics being bad across the album as well, rhyming just for the sake of it without any particular skill.

Would I Listen Again: No


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