First Listen Review: Madonna – “Rebel Heart”


What I Like: What this album certainly shows is that Madonna rightfully owns the queen of pop title. Not many people her age would be capable of taking the modern era’s brostep/ EDM scene and adding her own approach. Heck, there is probably a majority of people 10 years younger than her who don’t even know what those two genres are. In comparison to U2 who may have lost appeal to younger generations in recent albums with failure to add anything particularly new, Madonna does it so very well on songs like “Living For Love” and “Illuminati”. This is not only in terms of musical ability, she has taken on the modern allowance of profanity in lyrics and its feminism for songs like “Bitch I’m Madonna” and “Unapologetic Bitch”. She has continued her role as a strong willed heroine prepared to make a name for herself in “Rebel Heart” which seems a reflection on her past musical abilities. There are also a few nice acoustic/electronic mixed songs like “Devil Pray” and the very nice “Joan of Arc”. “Body Shop” has some nice lyrics and melody, “Beautiful Scars” is rather reggae house. Then there is a nice collaboration with traditional heroes like Nas on “Veni Vidi Vici” which is probably the best summation of everything on the album.

What Needs Improvement: Sadly, there are a lot of fillers on this album. I mean, there will always be a challenge with this when someone tries to release an album with 25 songs. Granted, diehard fans will most likely like everything. Nonetheless, there are a few lame choruses like “Queen”, “Holy Water”, and “Best Night”. “S.E.X” seems like she is trying too hard to describe the matter. I almost laughed at “Autotune Baby” which like the name actually uses an autotuned baby’s cry as the backing music throughout the song. As a video on youtube with a baby autotuned Lil Wayne it’s a funny joke, as a song on an’s a joke. I may keep it simply because it is funny. It’s experimental at best, but rather odd.

Would I Listen Again: Yes, but only half the album. If she cut out the 12 fillers this would still be a great 13 track LP.



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