First Listen Review: Lost Lander – “Medallion”


What I Like: There is a plethora of instruments used on this. From acoustic guitars and electronic keyboards to more Stornoway incorporation of kitchen utensils for percussion. In some ways they sound like a fusion of Peter, Bjorn, and John’s musical plan of making minimal sounds with unorthodox instruments and the indie styles of 2010 found in bands like The Morning Benders or especially Foster the People. Actually, when it comes to song writing these musicians are better than Foster. There seems to also be a huge influence from the Shins. So we are speaking this album very mid to late 00 indie.

What Could Be Improved: The album takes a while to get into. The first few songs seem to not have the production nor the sound to make them intriguing. It isn’t until song 4 or 5 that the band begins to open up to its musical arrangements. Still, the vocals aren’t particularly characterized or strong.

Would I Listen Again: Maybe, but these guys could go places


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