First Listen Review: Seryn – “Shadow Shows”


What I Like: Their approach is very original. The majority of songs by these guys sound as if they are written in 6/8 time so that they sound as if they were created with the intent of feeling like songs written under a starry sky in the middle summer around the fourth of July time, catching up with friends. At times the guitar work is very nice, its more than chords. On songs like “Disappear” and “Kaleidoscope”, they sound like a Coldplay take on the guitar work of Interpol. The majority of the album sounds a little like Mumford & Sons also.

What Could Be Improved: Listening to their last album, this new release has lost a lot of the unorthodoxy they once had. They had thrilling 6 minute + almost post-rock folk ballads of varying instruments with taking usual pop verse-chorus-verse to expanded levels. This album the production has made the vocals too high and left out the instruments. Furthermore, there is a bit too much “oohs” and “ohs” for my liking. Often they hold out the vocals too much for there to be any melody. It works for creating that starry sky atmosphere, but at times it is just overwhelming.

Would I Listen Again: Maybe


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