First Listen Review: Marina and the Diamonds – “Froot”


Marina and the Diamonds is the stage name for Welsh singer-songwriter, Marina Diamandis’, electro/new wave/pop musical project.

What I Liked: With Froot, Diamandis continues her streak of creative, well written, pop albums. This album has a more classic pop sound to it than the electro heavy Electra Heart or the new wave The Family Jewels. Thematically, this album seems more personal and focused around a break up. The lyrics can be interesting but are also probably the weakest part of the album (but only because everything else is so strong). This time around Diamandis wrote and composed everything herself instead of with co-writers and insisted on recording this album with a live band. The result is a more stripped down sound that really focuses on her greatest asset, her voice. In interviews, she describes the thought process behind this album as an attempt to get away from the pop star label that was growing around her especially following her last album. Luckily, she didn’t go full MGMT and instead created an album that manages to balance a desire to be unique and creative while still being accessible and compelling to the audience.

What Could Be Improved:  Diamandis tends to over rely on vocal fillers such as “like” and “yeah” which can weaken her lyrics. Searching a word document of all of the lyrics reveals 52 instances of “yeah” and 54 instances of “like” which is insane (both that I went through the trouble of doing this and that she used those words that much). She uses them more than on her last album, Electra Heart, when she had adopted this sort of tongue in cheek pseudo- valley girl persona and it might have actually been thematic.

Would I Listen Again: Yes, this album continues to grow on me the more I listen to it.


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