First Listen Review: Aero Flynn – Aero Flynn


Genre: Electronic Folk

What I Liked: As a friend of Bon Iver, this album is produced by their singer. It certainly shares aspects with the band and S. Carey, a member who formed his own side project. it has the breadth of atmosphere where the music feels like it is being played over a valley of mountains and forests on a misty early morning. However, this album is so much more. There are violins and unusual sounds played on a multitude of instruments. The vocals are more a spiritual whisper embedded in the mist rather than an emotional man locked up in a cabin among the mist. There are electronic guitars used more than on Bon Iver’s second LP and at times, the instruments are joined by light electronic drums that almost sound like something Radiohead or Thom Yorke would do.

What Could Be Improved: Nothing really, this is an interesting and unique piece of work

Would I listen Again: Definitely


One thought on “First Listen Review: Aero Flynn – Aero Flynn

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