First Listen Review: Sasha Siem – “Most of the Boys”


Genre: Experimental Baroque Pop

What I Liked: This is very original indeed. Certainly sounds like Maximo Park‘s Paul Smith did on a recent project where he read poetry over classical instruments. This also reminds me of Bjork in someways. In comparison to the former, it is more aggressive with the instrumentation with the vocals following the violins, drums, and other classical instruments in line with the energy, lyrics, and emotion of the words. Often the work together like M.I.A‘s latest album. In comparison to Bjork, it’s a little more poppier with a little more variation within songs. It certainly has bjork’s eeriness.

What Could Be Improved: This is not for everyone, but this isn’t something she needs to improve on. It’s just a type of sound from someone very in touch with music.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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