First Listen Review: Cotillon – “Cotillon”


The Good: In terms of breadth, this album is superb. It touches on garage, punk, surf, lo-fi, and classic rock. There are times when the vocals are behind the music and others where it is up front. There are moment when there are simply surf rock chords and others where the guitar ditches modern rock’s tendencies for chords for classic guitar note riffs. It sounds rather similar to early Beck music. There are a few slower songs neatly placed throughout the album, with “Left Back” being a beautiful ballad with some soulful sax thrown in. Strangely it works.”infection” is brilliant how it switches from loud to soft right in the middle and turns a 3 minute song into feeling like it is a 7 minute rock anthem, in a good way.

The Bad: This has potential to grow still. More character like the band’s older song Tijuana.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


One thought on “First Listen Review: Cotillon – “Cotillon”

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