First Listen Review: The Cribs – “For All My Sisters”


Genre: Rock

The Good: I had read that this new album was going to be the band attempting pop music, it actually sounds not that different from their past two albums. It sounds a little more 80s like what Merchandise tried to do on “Totale Nite”, but still is slower than their older material with distorted guitars. I have to hand it to the band for sticking to their rock sound through the years without going too crazy with experimentation that ruins their style.

The Bad: The Cribs have seemed to become overrated in the UK in the past three albums. “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever” was far poppier than this with more grit and character than their latest material. The songs stuck out and didn’t all sound the same, but still had a distinct sound to the tone of the guitars. I’ll give this a few listens maybe to see if it’s a grower, not from anything that sticks out, but more from loyalty to the band.

Would I Listen Again: Maybe


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