First Listen Review: Leo Bud Welch – “I Don’t Prefer No Blues”

BLM0511_LeoWelch_Cover-2-330x330 (1)

Genre: Blues/ Souther Rock

The Good: This guy is truly inspirational. While a lot people ten years younger than him are happy to be in retirement or unable to leave their household, he started his career as a blues musician. He’s coming up to his mid-80s and has already toured the globe with his sound that shows a musician who has lived through the history of modern music. It has edge, grit, and elements of traditional Baptist church music thrown in. if anything, this is an album that can get any person to believe that a person is never too old to make an impact on the world or pursue their dreams. The guitar licks on here build and grow, coming in with catchy note playing in between the rough vocals that reveal both storytelling and a youthfulness still strong and kicking even in old age. There are slow songs like the opener, but fast paced and dirty tunes like “I Don’t Know Her Name” that make this a listen of multiple sounds.

The Bad: For those who aren’t into blues or southern rock, the album may strain to be entertaining midway through

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


One thought on “First Listen Review: Leo Bud Welch – “I Don’t Prefer No Blues”

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