First Listen Review: Death Cab For Cutie – “Kitsugi”


Genre: Indie Pop Rock/ Emo/ New Wave

The Good: It’s a paradox of the poet. Often the best words come not from happiness, but from despair and loss. The happiness itself isn’t as influential as the hope of happiness. I think this is what occurred with Death Cab. The last album had the singer married and it resulted in a hollow album that was over-produced with a lack of cunning lyrics that we are used to. This album, after his divorce, finds Death Cab back to tradition. It has a more new wave/spacial feel, but the poetry is still there. It is there most driven album in terms of drumming. There is certainly more use of acoustic guitars, especially in the middle of the album. Maybe there is not as much piano as I would like, but it returns on the final song as a nice hello for classic fans. In terms of other albums, this LP sounds closer to Narrow Stairs than any other. I believe this is all the reason for why this album is called Kitsugi, named after a Japanese art form taking broken pieces of a vase to make something new. In this sense, it’s a nice return for a band that had a few years of stumble to give us a glorious metaphor to work with.

The Bad: Nothing to complain about really, but more piano would have been nice.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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