First Listen Review: Flo Rida – “My House”


The Good: Flo Rida returns perhaps at the perfect time of the year. As the sun is returning to a lot of the world, this collection of tunes is perhaps his most summery set yet. “Once In A Lifetime” has a nice chorus combining rap and the squeaky voice edit that seems to have taken itself seriously in pop music as of late. It’s a light hearted song that will most likely be played throughout the spring and summer. “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” takes in Robin Thicke brings back the whistle sound that made Flo Rida become the most played musician in the club three years ago and incorporates the disco grooves that have been returning as of late. “Here It Is” has class use of piano for a house song alongside Chris Brown that allows this album rhythmically to be very varied.

The Bad: “That’s What I Like” may be a bit too repetitive to be a good end to the album.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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