First Herd Review: My Morning Jacket – “The Waterfall”


The Good: Musically, My Morning Jacket are as cohesive and solid as ever and the velvety reverb of Jim James voice still sounds great. Lyrically, James sounds more world weary and personal than on previous albums but it is a minor and not an unwelcome change. The album sounds like it was written for their live show, with plenty of build ups, fuzzy guitar solos, and sing along choruses, but that makes sense as they tour a lot and always have. My Morning Jacket do not forge any new ground with The Waterfall but capitalize on their strengths to deliver a compelling seventh album.

The Bad: The songs on The Waterfall sound like they were made to be played live in front of thousands of people and so feel like they are missing just a little bit of the magic when you listen to them recorded.

Would I Listen Again: Yes. Plus, they apparently already have enough songs to release another album next year which will hopefully be equally good if not better than this.


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