First Listen Review: Hot Chip – “Why Make Sense”


The Good: Hot Chip make electronic music sound warm and welcoming. The title, Why Make Sense appears to be a reference to the 1984 live album, “Stop Making Sense”, by the Talking Heads and it is this era of music that they derive the most inspiration from. They have always excelled at revisiting old genres and twisting them to sound new and interesting. It is not very original and filled with the tired out pop tropes and often goofy lyrics (such as “You gave me white wine and fried chicken – A new place to stay – Where my heart has permission – To sing all the day”) but Hot Chip do it so well and with just enough self-aware sincerity that it works. There are a lot of good songs on the album though none that I would say are necessarily their best. The most successful of these keep the tempo high and aim for the dance floor such as “Huarche Lights”, “Started Right” and “Why Make Sense”. Overall, Why Make Sense is a more mature album for Hot Chip as it takes less risks but is also more consistent than previous albums.

The Bad: I’m still not sold on the rap verse in “Love Is the Future” as it’s almost too cheesily 80s and feels out of place in the song. “So Much Further” slows things down for a more traditional pop style and suffers from its blandness in contrast to the rest of the album.

Would I Listen Again: Yes

You can listen to a stream of the album here


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