First Listen Review: Loren Connors – “Blues – The Dark Paintings of Mark Rothko”


Genre: Blues/Ambient

The Good: The music on here keeps to the style he is known for, but he’s altered the recording style for the better. It sounds very lo-fi, as if some mysterious individual invested the electric guitar in the early 1900s before everyone else got their hands on it. It’s a very haunting and relaxing listen, with elements of ambient and blues thrown in. Definitely a great listen. Apparently this is a re-release, which is good because it deserves more recognition. The painting really mimics the music as if the guitarist performed these pieces while staring at the color contrast and moving himself into a trance. It’s a powerful model of the connection between art and music.

The Bad: For those wanting pop tunes with singalongs or clever word play, this album is all about the feeling and listening to it in the background.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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