First Listen Review: Surfer Blood – “1000 Palms”


Genre: Surf Rock/ Garage/ Indie

The Good: The originality in the singer’s voice is always something that allowed Surfer Blood to stand out in the past five years against the other neo-surf rock acts that emerged. Unlike them, as well, Surfer Blood chose a more garage rock sound over the lo-fi audience. This album continues much of the same that we’ve seen on the previous two LPs. This album sounds similar to something Local Natives would produce, with more complexity from the drums than previously done by the band. I need to hand it to them that from the get go, this band had a sound and haven’t strayed from it, nor needed to.

The Bad: Like all the albums from this band, they don’t always hit you straight away. Whereas the first two albums it was at least evident that with multiple listens the songs would grow, this album I am not so sure about. The guitar work is more plain and simple than before and the melody lines don’t seem to have the potential to grow either. We will see however. Although the singer’s voice is unique, it lacks any ability to connect to the listener. It seems too distant from both the music and the present.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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