First Listen Review: Maxime Dangles – “Resilience”


Genre: Electronic/Techno/ House

The Good: A lot of the few reviews on this artist state he is a big name in the new techno movement. Maybe I’m not into modern day techno enough, but this album is far from what I would call techno looking at what existed in the late 90s to mid-2000s. In many ways, it feels like a mix of a lot of electronic genres. At its core is has ambient electronic written all over it with the way keyboards are playing in almost a classical music style fit to electric keyboards. Throughout the album, however, there are added beats that feel housey without the vocals or dance effect that goes with it. Instead, it has an almost trance effect in the way certain chords are chosen to be played again and again in a rising/dropping fashion. I really love this. It can be both calming, mesmerizing, and head moving at the same time. Added keys prevent this from getting boring as well.

The Bad: Those looking for pop won’t like this.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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