First Listen Review: Brandon Flowers – “The Desired Effect”


Genre: Electro Pop

The Good: Brandon Flowers has done a decent job combining 80s pop with modern electronics. It shows he is capable of being pretty broad in his approach since starting the Killers. “Lonely Town” may be the best evidence for this.

The Bad: I think the man’s arrogance hurts this album even more considering his recent comments that the Killers are the greatest band of the past twenty years. Their first album was very good, but nothing afterwards really was original. His voice maybe. This album is just a bunch of half asked 80s pop attempts with no real lyricism or even catchy chorus besides a few. He really should have stuck with the persona from the first album of the Killers. It was party boy, but he was a man struggling to be good. Now, he is just spouting generic lyrics.

Would I Listen Again: No


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