First Listen Review: A Tribe Called Red – “Suplex”


Genre: Native Dub Step

The Good: The few songs on this EP serve as a good opening into a world previously very undiscovered. I’m glad Native Americans are attempting to come out of the wood work to present their own cultural take on modern music. Here, on this album, there is a brilliant mix of dubstep electronics with traditional pow wow drum beats and chanting. The native additions make for a unique sound that is nowhere near middle of the road, like so many incorporations similar to this. instead, the chanting creates a cool party sound that is summery, cool, and fresh. It seems so simple, yet impeccably dancy at the same time. This is traditional culture tackling globalization at its best to upkeep tradition, but update it for the modern day.

The Bad: My only regret about this album is that the brilliance of the opening track isn’t followed up on the rest of the ep where more usual dubstep finds its place.

Would I Listen Again: Yes



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