First Listen Review: Stealing Sheep – “Not Real”


Genre: Indie Pop/ Psych Rock/ Shoegaze

The Good: For fans of the original sound of this band, it carries nicely into this new album with a subtle change from indie rock to more new wavey stylings. It sounds as good mix of Au Revoir Simone and Camera Obscura. Some of these songs take on a darker tone in the chord progressions, but have better harmonies than ever before like in “This Time”. I do believe these girls deserve more attention, because they are holding the weight up of Liverpool’s music scene.

The Bad: In comparison to their debut, this album lacks some of the quirky, but catchy choruses. It sweeps over you more unnoticeably as well. I liked the added brass sections in a few of the last album’s songs as well.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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