First Listen Review: Tame Impala – “Currents”


The Good: Kevin Parker has sold his guitars and bought a synthesizer. Probably not really, but he might as well have considering Currents is all electronic instruments and hip hop precise beats. Despite this, it still distinctively sounds like Tame Impala. The song structure, strong hooks, and Parker’s Lennonesque vocals are all still there and stronger than ever, especially his voice. Overall, Tame Impala’s evolution from vintage fuzzy psych rock to vintage fuzzy pop is mostly superficial and all of the core pieces of what made them so great are still there. Currents may actually be Tame Impala’s best album yet but probably won’t be their best overall.

The Bad: It can seem like Parker is a little too committed to this particular vintage pop synthesizer sound that has been gaining traction in recent years. I saw one overly negative review compare it to an Instagram filter, which is actually pretty accurate. Song of the songs sound a little too restricted and claustrophobic by being squeezed into this mold.


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