First Listen Review: Galantis – “Pharmacy”


The Good: There are some terrific pop-house songs on here that anyone would have to be bonkers to not find both equally catchy and danceable. i’m looking at the single “Runaway (U & I)” with its switching between two different vocal singers. It starts out with a light singing and then comes in the the piano and playful double chorus. A lot of their songs start up in this style, emerging with just vocals and then rising the sound to enter with a loud house beat. “Dancin’ To The Sound Of A Broken Heart” does this back and forth throughout the song while “Harder, Louder, Better” is probably the softest song on here, but the female vocal is retrospective and quite beautiful. “Kill Em WIth the Love” is probably the biggest dance tune on here and I can see this emerging as a summer classic and “Call If You Need Me” plays around with vocal modifiers in some of the most productive ways I’ve heard on electronic music lately. It’s chorus is also really uplifting with a caribbean feeling behind it. “Firebird” is probably the best song on here, great lyrics, so catchy, and quite sexy too. All in all, this album has a lot more use of lyrics than most house albums and I really like that. So far the best summer dance tunes out there.

The Bad: Sometimes the quiet entrances of songs take away from the style of house music. On teh first three songs it gives the wrong impression about the album since it has the listener waiting for the drum to drop for way too long. Furthermore, when the keyboards come in on these tracks, they lack any percussion or melody to keep them alive.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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