First Listen Review: Seapony – “A Vision”


The Good: Seapony return with much of the same sound they have had previously. I didn’t listen to their second album, but in comparison to their debut, the band has improved dramatically. Not that their first album was bad, but the production on this new LP is very well done. you can hear how the instruments create a hazy backdrop of an atmosphere way better than before. The surf rock revival that emerged around 2010 has almost died, but this band are doing a prime job of keeping it alive. There is also a good bit more variety of sounds on this album. There are still the lazy, slow tunes with the singer’s female vocals quietly lingering over top, but there is some use of acoustic guitar and electronic keyboard that add some nice tones. I also admire the timing of this record: right at the beginning of August, the laziest month of them all.

The Bad: Listeners maybe expecting a drastic change won’t be impressed and listeners wanting catchy melodies might be disappointed as well.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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