First Listen Review: The Colourist – “Will You Wait For Me”


The Good: I like these guys a lot. There is quite a detailed amount of texture on these songs. “Set It Right” is a mix of different cool sounding keyboard oozes mixing with Abba-like vocals and almost Tears for Fears guitar. “When I’m Away” trades the electronic drums for clapping drums and vocals that sounds similar to Of Monsters and Men or Ellie Goulding. There is still various keyboards playing with sounds throughout, especially a pseudo-reggae one. “Romancing” has a jungle-like feeling with acoustic and the Tears for Fears guitar coming in with the vocals feeling a little more computer generated, taking on an Owl City take. “Time Waster” is probably the most 80 sounding song on here, both in guitars and keyboards. All in all, its a short, but solid indie-pop LP following in the footsteps of Foster the People or Passion Pit.

The Bad: May be a bit over produced and repetitive for some.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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