First Listen Review: Titus Andronicus- “The Most Lamentable Tragedy”


The Good: The Most Lamentable Tragedy is a 90 minute opus of a punk rock opera following an unnamed protagonist as he deals with his manic depression and inner demons. There is something admirable in the fact that this is the direction that Titus Andronicus chose to take. It cements their position as one of the most creative and interesting bands around. Frontman, Patrick Stickles howl is as brash and spirited as ever and The Most Lamentable Tragedy features some of their most imaginative and heartfelt of their songs. Overall, Titus Andronicus make the most of the 90 minutes and deliver a compelling modern rock opera.

The Bad: The Most Lamentable Tragedy could have benefited from a little tightening up and pruning of its twenty nine songs. There are songs like “Auld Lang Syne” that drag the album along without really taking it anywhere or “[ intermission ]”, 77 seconds of silence in the middle of the album, that was cute the first time around and then annoying on subsequent listens.

Would I Listen Again?: Yes


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