First Listen Review: Worriers – “Imaginary Life”


Worriers- “Imaginary Life”

The Good: “Imaginary Life” is pure, to the point, pop punk, with Riot Grrrl aesthetics. It strikes that nice balance between unrefined punk energy and record deal clean polish that pop punk really needs to hit to work. Lauren Denitzio’s lyrics are a highlight and the focus of the songs which works well. I will admit I have a bit of a nostalgic soft spot for this album as Worriers originated from the New Jersey punk scene which I have fond memories of. Overall, “Imaginary Life” is political, catchy, and a good example of how pop punk should be made.

The Bad: There is no uncharted territory on “Imaginary Life” and nothing is truly original. You will probably have heard tons of songs that sound like these before but it has been a few years since Panic at the Disco had their 15 minutes and pop punk was inescapable and Worriers do a good job of reminding us what was appealing about the genre in the first place.

Would I Listen Again?: Yes, to a few of the catchiest songs.


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