First Listen Review: Bednarek – “Oddycham”


The Good: I haven’t ever listened to Polish music before, but this album is a good start. It’s far from a lot of the bland reggae out there. Instead, this fuses the genre with rap, 90s disk jockeying, and even some classical elements. The horns on here are up-beat and remind me of something from Paolo Nutini’s second album. The rapping, though I can’t understand it adds a nice rhythm to the beats nonetheless. The piano on here is light and jittery like The Hoosier’s classic “Goodbye Mr. A”. Adding the slower, almost blues-like track “Spragniony” is an excellent choice. The violins are just enough to not sound over produced. The marching drums come in at just the right time to not appear corny. I recommend the songs “Euforia”, “Up & Here”, “Spragniony”, “Real Ting”, and “Thinkin Twice”. The guitar solos on here are also very smooth, in a classic blues style.

The Bad: Obviously, people who don’t speak Polish should stay away if they want to listen to only music of their own language, but it’s awesome Poland has some music in its native language that’s pretty great. Otherwise, there are tracks in the middle of this album that kind of go over my head.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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