First Listen Review: Teen Daze – “Morning World”


The Good: This band is beginning to now sound like it has its own style. Before, Teen Daze seemed just another band arising in the early 2010s to make music with high reverb that was more focused on creating a lazy atmospheric feel than the lyrics. It didn’t stand out that much and was more instrumental. This album is far superior. It still has an aim for creating an an atmosphere, but its use of violins, piano, and guitar stripped from drums works very well. The opening song “Valley of Gardens” opens with guitar picking that feels like the pitter patter of rain on an early Autumn day, the drums are low key rattling on the edges of the tom drum. The vocals themselves are layered both high and medium range for an insular effect. “It Starts at the Water”, “Post Storm”, and “Good Night” are probably the best uses of piano on the album. It’s really a nice touch, think Death Cab for Cutie meets Jimmy Whispers and Young Man.

The Bad: There are a few songs on here like the second track that seem to not fit nicely into the album’s transitioning. Songs like “You Said” that are instrumentals feel as if they mess with the album’s flow.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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