First Listen Review: Farao – “Till It’s All Forgotten”


The Good: This is a pretty interesting debut. The opening track sounds like a mix of vocals from bands like Chastity Belt, Bats for Lashes, and Florence and the Machine. You can tell there are the haunting aspects of the latter two bands with the gothic keyboards that play over this song. The second song reminds me a lot of the 90s throwback stylings of recent artists like Courtney Barnett, Sarah Bethe Nelson, and Cate Le Bon, especially the guitar, slow drums, and the sound of her voice when it goes from low to high. “Maze” may be my favourite track off the album in its really eerie sound. The piano plays along like a haunted instrument slightly off chord. Electronic keys come in now and again, oozing with creepiness. I particularly love how the vocals are really reverbed and the lyrics are repeated seconds after each line, but an octave higher. The subtle use of what sounds like an electronic interpretation of a horn section is a nice touch too. “Anchor” sounds like a darker Rhye with the lyrics distressing about how the singer’s lover is not good at being her stability. The album gets more electronic as it goes on, “Fragments” reveals this the best. It’s a beautiful track with the trickling drums being sung over by looping vocals that sound like leaves slowly dropping to the floor.

The Bad: Nothing too much to complain about really. It is good from first listen and carries itself uniquely.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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