First Listen Review: Jess Glynne – “I Cry When I Laugh”


The Good: What this album reveals is that the artist has a feel unique to her own. Many of the house tracks on this album remind me a lot of what she did for Clean Bandit on “Rather Be”, catchy choruses, a bit more going on then usual house tracks, summery outlook, and a more indie atmosphere. “Hold My Hand” has a really upbeat happy vibe with the “who who whos” coming in the verses, this makes both the verse and the chorus parts of the song to look forward to. The song builds as it adds drum loops, pianos, and backing vocals as the track progresses. There are subtle horns too. It’s definitely one of the best pop songs of the month. “Real Love” shows the singer teaming up with Clean Bandit once again, a sign that together the two are unstoppable in creating awesome house tracks. What a voice and some great lyrics that really describe the feeling one has when real love comes after a period of fakeness. “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” is definitely something to look into as well.

The Bad: There are a few house tracks on here that are really bland, they jsut move on without anything interesting popping up in them like the ones mentioned above. The album also tries to be a little r&b at times, which although not terrible, feels out of place on the album. Maybe they should have been distributed at other times during the album.

Would I Listen Again: Maybe


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