First Listen Review: Joe Budden – “All love Lost”


The Good: A lot of rap albums fall flat straight away with their repetition of similar rhymes and stories mixed with poor instrumentals, not this one. Apart from song driven by a diverse mix of drumbeats and piano orchestration, this album comes fully loaded with choruses that are powerful and catchy. There are many different voices that accompany the main rapper on here, both female and male, each providing lines that flow smoothly from one sentence to the next. There is a lot to listen to here, not one bad song. The topics discussed in verse are an array of your normal rap attacks on poverty, but also the problems of social media, fame, and the inaccessibility of real love. The album has a dark vibe similar to something Cunninlynguists would produce. Five star songs on here are pretty often, including the opening “(Intro) All Love Lost”, “Love l###m Good”, “Make It Through The Night”, “Where Do We Go”, and “Unnecessary Pain”. Some of these are over 7 minutes, but they sustain their interest due to the icnredible flow of the rhymes. This si deifnitely something many rappers are incapable of doing.

The Bad: Sometimes the mood of the music behind the lyrics seems a bit too dark for the words being used to the point that it is corny or overemphatic.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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