First Listen Review: Chvrches – “Every Open Eye”


The Good: This album improves on the last one. Much of this is based on the production. The last album had some good songs, but it seemed a little too airy for electronic music. With the better production and the use of more underlying keyboards for bass, the songs on here sound a lot like Timecop1983 with more vocals. It’s catchier too. “Bury It”, “Down Side of Me”, and “Keep You On My Side” are great examples of this. My favourite track is “Clearest Blue” with its song a builder, ending in an excellent dance-electronic breakdown. This dance approach is once again seen on “Empty Threat” and it is just enough fast paced songs to not make the band locked into one approach. Instead we can see from this album how electronic bands can be just as varying as normal rock bands, something not often seen in the genre. The alternative male singer on “High Enough to Carry You Over” is excellent in where many bands with the two alternating lead singers often leads to mediocre albums, this one it actually works very well. It would be interesting to see more of this.

The Bad: Nothing really after first listen. A quality set of songs.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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