First Listen Review: Mystery Jets – Curve of the Earth


The Good: Curve of the Earth is a solid collection of songs. They are both cinematic and pop focused with layers of instruments and vocal harmonies under lead singer, Blaine Harrison’s, smooth vocals.  Almost every song seems to be structured to build into an anthem in some way, though the better songs tend to break that trend. Overall, the album is a nice slice of pop rock that does a lot of things to capture your interest.

The Bad: The Mystery Jets pull from so many sources on Curve of the Earth it is hard to pin down an actual sound for them. It’s like they are still trying to figure out where they belong in the British indie rock scene and so ended up sounding a little bit like everyone else. Further, despite the focus on infectious and anthemic pop songs, there are no tracks that clearly stand out as singles, which they probably needed for this album to get the attention it deserves.

The Verdict: Curve of the Earth is worth a listen if you are a fan of the band or of the past two decades of British indie rock.


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