First Listen Review:The 1975 – “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It


The Good: This album is a huge improvement on the last one. The last one had some catchy vocal aspects, but the guitar elements were always quite dull. Each song would choose an easy chord pattern and run with it through the entire song. Often this would make a song have no change in pace or feeling. What this album has done has altered this entirely. The band plays around with electronic keyboards to make interesting sounds and the engineering makes the soundscapes far more interesting. The album is more 80s sounding on a  whole. While this is a trend in indie music, this band sounds a lot more like an A-Ha or Duran Duran. Sometimes the vocals even remind me of Depeche Mode. Saxophones come in at appropriate times and the band throws in some acoustic ballads at the end of the album that fulfill their boy band image. There are a few electronic songs only with no guitars which are quite nice intermediate songs, especially the title track song.

The Bad: We will see if this album becomes boring in the long run, but for now, no.

Would I Listen Again: Yes




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