Father – “I’m A Piece of Shit”


The Good: I really like the variety of beats on this record. The drum styles are quite diverse, more than the usual sameness that occurs in rap music. This is particularly in the songs “Fuck Up the Sheraton”, “Slow Dance 2”, and “Party On Me”. On occasion “Slow Dance 2” which has a low base drum bouncing about while accompanied with a hand drum. “Party On Me” is a little more focused on creating a smooth dance beat that incorporates a chorus that reminds me of a 90s R&B track. The keyboards on this album are also original for the genre, sounding slightly eerie and relaxing at the same time.Father’s style fits the mood very well, sometimes mumbling so much it is hard to make out what he is saying. All of this makes for a pretty laid back record.

Another aspect of the record that stands out is that although there are many mentions of sex, it seems that this rapper cares a little more about making it consensual than the genre usual portrays. Even so, the opening track, though using the sounds of a woman deep in pleasure as a sound for the album, shows the rapper expressing that free love lacking in any long lasting connection can become old. Although the keyboards on here make the tracks influenced by a drugged up feel, the rapper also admits that drugs too can become old.

The Bad: Tracks 2-4 can be a little dull since they are lacking in the musical styles the rest of the album carries. Sometimes the murmuring can become a little voiceless as well.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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