First Listen Review: The Living – “Healing Hands”


The Good: Although I am no longer a Christian, I still stumble across some good music in that realm of culture. Switchfoot still holds a place in my heart for being one of the bands that really got me into music, probably the first band I was truly obsessed with. Sticking to Christian rock tradition, The Living offer a few songs that take traditional church hymns like “Amazing Grace” and turn them into heavier rock choruses. This band reminds me of some of the more recent Jars of Clay albums with their usage of indie rock style guitars that are bright and aimed at twisting note playing to offer a celestial feel. Even if the listener is not Christian, there is something uplifting about the chord uses of the songs that makes each song both catchy and capable of uplifting the mood. The band uses both spoken word and a few additions of heavier shouting to splice up their array of musical tastes. Even if they lyrics won’t completely relate to a listener, it is still good sometimes to contemplate the state of human morals as an abstract idea, without paying attention to the actual material being debated in the lyrics. A person can listen to this and feel comforted in whatever issues they are facing, despite not agreeing with the singer’s point of view.

The Bad: Sometimes these songs remind me of my qualms with Christianity. First world people singing about first world problems or problems that Christianity invents that would make the world a lot easier if they were just ignored.

Would I Listen Again: Definitely


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