First Listen Review: We Are Scientists – “Helter Seltzer”


The Good: The band shines best on this album when they attempt a different approach than usual and use more acoustic guitar combined with their usual bright indie guitar riffs. On songs like “Want For Nothing” the band also plays with strumming patterns less reminiscent of the joyous indie styles and more similar to a late 90s rock approach that feels like it is building. The best songs are in the middle of the album. “Classic Love” is very much a fast paced indie track that incorporates a breakdown with the harmonies this band has always been known for. The chorus is rather good too. “Waiting For You” is most likely the best track on here since it has both these harmonies and the use of an acoustic guitar.

The Bad: By the time of their previous album in 2014, We Are Scientists were already thrown into the camp of indie rock stars that failed to grow up by many music critics. It isn’t so much that bands need to always reinvent themselves. ‘Classic Love” reveals he style can still be somewhat fun to listen to. Arctic Monkeys reveal a band from that era who reinvented themselves well. When I was younger I complained that they were changing too much, but I’ve come to like their later material just as much, if not feel it has aged better than their first two albums. People want music that they can relate to. Whether it be clever lyrics, good melodies, feeling, or unique character. Bands like Arctic Monkeys remained interesting by changing their sound and doing well, but not everyone needed to do that. Weezer’s new album musically sounds a lot like older material. However, their character comes across nicely on the album because they throw in their odd melodies that make the listener stop and think or want to listen again to make out what is being said. Plus, some of their melodies are just good pop. We Are Scientists, however, lack much feeling on this album and many of their lyrics are bland, if not falling into the trap of taking cliche sayings and making them their choruses: “Hold On”. I’ve never heard such a title before! Their last album sounded very similar to their old material musically, but it still carried an eccentricism that made me value their music. The first chorus on this new album begins with “Why not make this interesting”. Ironic that a lot of this album isn’t.

Would I Listen Again: No


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