First Listen Review: A Dead Forest Index – “In All That Drifts From Summit Down”


The Good: This band has a lot of potential. They come in with the minimalism found on something the XX would have written, however there are a lot less twirly staccato notes and more drawn out, easy to play single chord strokes providing a curtain for the lead singer’s vocals. Vocals that remind me of the Dum Dum Girls or North Highlands. The drumming provided on here is usually a single tomtom on the upbeat or a rolling, almost warlike, tomtom background. Songs to look out for are “Summit Down” and “Sand Verse”.

The Bad: However, this band is probably good in short intervals, maybe hearing one song one off. At first the simple guitar and vocals can seem quite mysterious or haunting, but after a while the songs get quite repetitive and same sounding. The lack of much more instrumentation can make the songs lose emotion as well, especially since the vocals sound like a ghost disattached from the rest of the music.

Would I Listen Again: No


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