First Listen Review: Slow Steve – “Adventures”


The Good: Playing their music from Germany, this group reminds me of quite a few bands. The deeper male vocals often remind me of the Kaiser Chiefs. The song “Red Wool” definitely has this feeling with it’s slight spanish feeling, as found on Kaiser Chief track “Team Mate”. Other times I can hear the synths of Wild Nothing, Wild Beasts, or even a quicker Kraftwerk. Think “The Model”. Sometimes the loopy and druglike keyboards remind me of Neon Indian. The addition of acoustic guitars to the mix feels like Craft Spells or Metronomy too. Despite the influences, the album as a whole has a ton of instantly interesting listens with new catchy instrument lines emerging throughout songs. The drumbeats on these tracks are more than your typical 1,2,3,4 beat as well. Overall, the tone is a very warm electronic guitar based album.

The Bad: There are a few instrumentals on here which seem wasted space. This is especially so with the song “Josephine 1” which is basically an extended intro to “Josephine II”. “The Giant Spider Crab from Japan” is also a little dull, but “Josephine III” has enough complexity occurring that it could remain without problem.

Would I Listen Again: Yes


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